Celebrating the Spirit of Karnataka


Dear Reader,


For over 70 years, Deccan Herald has brought the best of Karnataka to your doorstep every morning. That has been our privilege because we have a special relationship with the residents of the state we call home, one that transcends the publisher-reader transaction and verges on the familial bond.


It’s appropriate then, that we start the New Year with a tribute to the best of Karnataka: To be precise, to an outstanding young crop of men and women from the state, often little known outside their fields, that we believe will shine brightly in 2019. 


We are calling this special edition ‘DH Changemakers: 19 to Watch in 2019’. We salute these remarkable people because we believe that by their daily toil, they are each bringing deep, positive change to their fields of endeavour, and collectively to society. This resonates with what we want to be as a media brand, a changemaker: Witness our campaigns, which will only intensify, to improve the lives of those around us, be it the state of our infrastructure, culture, or environment. We have chosen 19 because of its symmetry with the year that has just got underway; indeed, in a state with so much talent, it was a difficult task to limit the nominations, but also one that ensured rigour and standards.


The 19 come from across Karnataka, from fields as varied as architecture and social work to beekeeping and entrepreneurship. The common thread that runs through them is an honesty of purpose and a dogged determination to succeed, come what may, and the passion to make a lasting impact for those around them and those that come after.


Recognising the 19, we believe, is a great way to start a 2019 that we pray will be as fruitful for you as it is for them. 


Happy reading, and here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!



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